sound so metal

if you put emgs in a esp, ibanez, and a les paul would they all have the same intensity ?
inb4 ****storm

seriously though, pickpus don't' have as much affect on tone as an amp does, for example, you could have the most metal amp, and a guitar with three bluesy single coils, and it would still sound somewhat metal, due to the amp, but a guitar with EMG's or blackouts, running through, say a fender twin reverb, wouldn't really sound metal, due to the amps inclination towards clean tones.

That make sense?

It's a very stripped down explanation, but thats the gist
i mean with the same amp and everything

would it make a difference like wood types ?
yea, wood types would a difference as would how much wood the guitar has,
but if you want an explanation of wood types and their effect on tone, have a look here

Yeah but when it comes down to metal, wood types and whatnot is going to have a very minimal effect on the sound.
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