if my neighbour keeps calling the cops on us for parking our cars on the street one more time i'm going to walk across the road and stab them.
i'll grind his ****ing face off and punch her in the tits, for months him and his girlfriend have been giving me the ****s.

i'm going to get her on all fours with her stupid haircut and stick a large hunting kife in her ass while her dumb**** boyfriend lays underneath her with no arms drinking a mixture of her blood and ****.

In b4 v&
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if this goes in someones signature im gunna be pissed

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what do you mean by goat
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You know why?
Death ain't got **** on Mikael.
Better do it before she calls the cops again, bro. READY? GO!
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The thread title is somewhat creative, far better than just "rant" or something of the sort. Kuditos on that. But perhaps you should just talk to your neighbors to ask if they can be a little more lenient?
How about you stop parking in the street and blocking other people, asshole? Maybe your neighbors are tired of you not using YOUR OWN ****ING DRIVEWAY.
Very creative. You'll go far in life.
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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but then theres the double standard that he also parks in the street.
he's just a fat cu.nt with man tits with fark all else to do with his time.

There's a difference between 1 car in the street and 50. If it wasn't obnoxious, he wouldn't be calling the cops, as the cops wouldn't do anything.
i just find the title of this thread very humourous
like its a totally normal thing to say via the net
Quotes from other UGers in your signatures that talk about how good you are suck donkey schlong.
If you're parking them in an illegal place, then they have every right to do that. My neighbours do it, as well as the nature strip. Their other neighbours called the police and they stopped for about a month.