Hey all. Check out my band's new song "Story of the Wiseman". Can't wait to hear what you think. Good looks!

You can find it here:


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The times they are a changin'.....
Did you use two vocalists for the song? Or did you just record two vocal tracks and put them one on top of the other? Either way the vocals sounded really good, and the rhythm of the lyrics are also really cool. The lead guitar, however, just sounds too over effected. IMO you could probably just go without the auto wah effect or whatever you used. Near the end of the song the acoustic guitar and the drums sound almost out of time, but they still almost fit together too, I don't know if that was intentional or not. The song was great otherwise, I thought, it was just those things that really kind of bothered me.
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If man is 5, if man is 5, if man is 5,
then the Devil is 6, then the Devil is 6, then the Devil is 6, the Devil is 6,
And if the Devil is 6,

then God is 7, then God is 7, then God is 7
This monkey's gone to heaven.
I really enjoyed the song overall. As a matter of fact. I'm still humming it right now! LOL I'd have to agree with the previous poster though. The lead guitar is too loud and to over modulated. The wah works though, it's just a little too much and the volume really brings that fact to light. The drums are a little out of time at the end and actually in the begining too. But, with that said, don't change the beat at all because it works well with the song. Just tighten it up a bit, work on the levels and I think you have a pretty killer song there.
Oh yeah, the vocal were killer too!!

Good job!