Obviously it isnt good but it happened to me this morning while i was just sitting down. it was literally beating 3 times a second for around 2 minutes. and when it started/ended it didnt slowly start/end it was a very quick change. i could even feel it in my chest. it kinda felt like a stomach growl but in my chest. i know this is a weird place to ask this but i dont health insurance and im kinda broke so i was wondering if anyone might tell me what this could mean. thx.
are you very very overweight?
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If it was only for a bit, it probably isn't a problem. If it happens a lot, you should probably see a doctor.

I get that sometimes. My resting heartbeat is 2 a second, sometimes is speeds up for no reason.

What's your usual bpm?
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lol no im not overweight. its only happened a couple times before and idk my regular bpm but ill probly check it out next time i go to a wal-mart. but all day today my chest has felt sorta weird.
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safest thing is to go to a doctor.
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if your chest has felt weird all day, and it's happened before, see a doctor. As soon as possible. Potential coronary problems are not the kind of problems you want to have undiagnosed. There is no way for anyone here to diagnose it. Hell, even a doctor would have to run tests to diagnose, so there's no way you can get any decent help off of an internet forum.
(Chest pains + >twice the normal bpm)
"a few times"
You have something WRONG
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i guess ill try and see a doctor. maybe ill spange for the money ill need while im at wal-mart checking my bpm.