Can anyone tell me the difference between these two strats? They both say Japanese Aerodyne but they look really different to me. I love the look of the one with a pickguard. I have heard they are quite guitars as well. Anyone with Experience? Anyone have one used? or Where can i get one? The only aerodynes i see are the colored ones... Thanks again


From what I can tell, the AeroDyne in the the first picture is the same as in the second, minus the pickguard. The white binding means it is Japanese, though without the pickguard it might be the export version.

The AeroDyne Strat is my main guitar and I seriously love it. From what I've read, the Crafted In Japan one is the only good black one. The black AeroDyne was only in production in 2006, then they brought out the red AeroDyne Classic series that are a bit different.

In terms of sound, the larger body and pickups have more bite than a regular strat. If you check my profile, you can hear I'm using it for a metal song called "Endless".

As for feel, it feels amazing. It's one of the most comfortable guitars you'll play, very low action. I think it weighs slightly heavier than a regular strat, but it's much less than a Les Paul.
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thanks for the reply...

a couple things i notice different about the two are the OUTPUT JACKm the lack of pick guard holes on the top one as well as the creme vs white. I think i like the look of the bottom one a bit more. what do you think yours looks like? closer to the first or second picture?
Mine is the 2nd pic, the Crafted In Japan. Looking at the first, yeah, it's likely to be the USA one.

Where did you get yours? are you in the states? I live in CHINA but am going back to the US in about a week. I can try to find it there OR i can have a friend in JAPAN try to get it for me if it is even still on sale? Have you played an American Strat? Is there a big difference?

I'm in Europe. I found it in a local guitar store in 2006. I've seen a few on sale second hand online in the UK region. It probably isn't on sale new anywhere.

The American Strat has a smaller body and sound brighter.
I have the first one ... like you mentioned, the output jack is in the same spot as a Tele, unlike the typical Strat on the body's face *and* the binding is Cream, instead of White. The first Aerodyne I got was from a collector, in exchange for an art work; the second, I got from Japan, also without a pickguard.

I saw both versions at Guitar Center a while back. Some GCs still have the Aerodyne Jazz and Precision Basses. I haven't seen the Aerodyne Tele (P90 neck) in quite a while.

I prefer the PG-less version .. it looks different and the curved top is not Strat-like.

I have an aerodyne jazz bass that I absolutely love. I really want to get an aerodyne strat or tele as soon as I can, but I hate buying guitars online.
The Aerodyne Jazz and Precision basses are still in production. The AeroDyne Tele is almost non-existent these days. I think it was produced in much smaller numbers than the AeroDyne Strat in 2006.
So if i am looking for a Crafted in Japan Aerodyne Strat, Where can i go to find one? i just got to LA from beijing so i will be on the hunt... is the black one out of production now?
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So if i am looking for a Crafted in Japan Aerodyne Strat, Where can i go to find one? i just got to LA from beijing so i will be on the hunt... is the black one out of production now?

The black one is out of production since early 2007.

You should search eBay. There's a black CIJ AeroDyne Telecaster there right now.

I think "white" suits mine more accurately, though it is slowly starting to turn cream over time.
I am so jealous of you BRICK. and you are correct in saying white because you have the CIJ version. I have my friends in Japan asking for me now as well. I NEED THAT GUITAR. if not i have to choose an American Standard which i think all look kinda boring.
If you email Fender, they might be able to make one especially for you at extra cost. Or you can order an American Standard to have the same finish as the CIJ AeroDyne.