This is going to get reported, flamed and actually considered by people, just to let you know.

Bad idea, although slightly humourous.

*not yet reported.*

Edit, just kidding *reported*

This is slightly annoying in its blatent disregard to subtlety.

Double Edit: just kidding, I can't be arsed to report you.
You cannot choose the little time you're given in this world. You enter bare and unclothed, provided only with intelligence enough to choose how you spend your time. You always have a choice. Always. Though be warned, your choice can rarely be undone
you really think someone is going to look at gay porn to make sure it is gay porn so you don't have to? That's awesome.
I'm not going to send porn to a 12 year old girl.
Patterns In The Ivy present ethnicity on an intriguing and dedicated level. ~Ambient Exotica
A mesmeric melange of yearning voice, delicate piano and carefully chosen samples. ~Lost Voices
Quote by Griff_Kid
Go to /b/ and ask them.

Pray tell, what is /b/? P.m. me if you must. I missed the transiotion from phrase to e slang.