I own it. What kind of insight are you looking for? It's great as an introduction to tube amplification. It's as loud an amp as you'll ever need. Niether the channels as spectacular, but you can get a really decent distortion if you chang the tubes and stock speaker. The speaker is actually the major downfall to the amp, in my opinion; I've made a 2x12 cab with Cel V30's and the difference in sound is astonishing. Much more bass, prescence, and loses a lot of the muddy fuzz you get on the distortion channel.

What kind of music do you play?

Also, the best way is to get yourself down to a shop and try it out.
i own a 212 (but its way to big so dont get it unless you gig in medium/large venues) and its pretty good. its not the BEST amp ever, but its good for the price and its reallly a notable step up from a ss. i would recommend it. and the clean channel is pretty good once you EQ it right. you might wanna consider a speaker swap though
i wanna use it for rock and metal , stuff like that but hopefully it could play other types of music decent if i feel like it , how well can it distort?