I recently wired in some EMG60 (neck) and some EMG81 (bridge) in to my RG370 however i am getting a nasty buzz/hum when i using my distortion settings, i don't get this buzzing with my Explorer (EMG85/81) .

The EMG wiring guide i got with the PUps says not to wire in the ground cable, (there may be two on my RG370 (theres another black cable that seems not to go to the pickups or bridge)) , so i haven't ( The Explorer also has not got the ground attached and that doesn't buzz). Should i be grounding the pickup on the RG370?

Does any no what the cause of the buzz may be? or have any suggestions to rectify this? its annoying me to the level where i wont play my RG370 thru the amp on distortion

Thanks in advance

Make sure your shielding wire is all grounded to the pot casings and that you have all four pot casings united.
Seemed to be the issue with mine.
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You need the grounding to complete the loop but disconnect the ground to the bridge.

Also don't have the plug on the pup backward, you should see the little arrow when plugged in.