I love playing flamenco and classical but i also love playing bass. I need nails for nylon but its terrible on fingerstyle bass. What the hell can i do?!?
Hmm, a difficult one finally. You have a some options, either play bass with a pcik (although not your choice, as it is not fingerstyle) keep some long ehile cutting others, learn to play fingerstyle bass as you would a flamenco guitar, or chop the nails and learn to play flemenco as you would fingerstyle bass.

I have opted for the latter, lattter, latter, as it waseasier for me to transpose bass to guitar than using nails to play bass. As long as you find something even half way acceptable, you will adapt and overcome. You are human.
my recommendation would be to learn "nail plucking" on the bass. Although I can't do this myself, it's apparently meant to make a sound somewhere between picked and fingered bass, which sounds interesting. However, if you're desperate for fingerstyle, by all means take the advice of the poster above me.
I stopped playing classical guitar for bass because of this. I hate the sound of nails on a bass, and I just love bass more. Although I do miss classical guitar, I just have to deal with it...
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i can only keep it up for about 30 seconds before my fingers cramp up =[

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False nails for nylon strings?

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I pretty much have the same problem. I'd rather play my acoustic guitar with my fingers. Here's some choices:

1. Fake nails.
2. Finger picks.
3. Quit guitar or bass.
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I play Flamenco, and I hated growing out my nails and keeping them groomed... So I stopped and developed my technique with the pads of my fingers...

It doesn't have that crisp clear sound... But in my opinion, it's made my guitar playing much more versatile as I can control tone easier because the strings are in direct contact with my skin/hand.

I've been playing like this for years and I can pull off...

rasgueado (had to look for spelling)
tremolando (3 fingers and 2)
and just general dexterity.

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That is all.
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