Would I get banned if I bumped a thread that I favourited ages ago, and now want to share the lulz to a new breed of UGer's?
dunno bout banned, maybe a warning
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bumping it just by saying 'bump' and nothing else isn't a good thing to do. but if you're gonna post something worth seeing, i doubt you'll get warned.
Bringing back a dead thread is also necroposting.... which is also in the rules.
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No pointless bumping of threads
- Bumping means posting in an old thread to bring it back to the top of the first page.
- Don't bump threads for no reason. Threads should only be bumped if you actually have something to add to the topic.
Punishment: The thread may be closed or you may receive a warning.
it may be closed or you may get a warning.
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it really depends what it is. if it's worth seeing again then i don't have a problem with it. if it's something stupid then i do. what's the thread in question?
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I've never warned for that.

If it's a retarded thread to start with I'll close it though.
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yeah i'd probably only warn if they were intentionally doing it to be annoying or had bumped several threads for no reason. just closing the thread is more likely.
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I've never warned for that.

If it's a retarded thread to start with I'll close it though.

whoa. when the hell'd you get that promotion? I don't remember your name being red.

anyway, yeah... pointless bumps are extremely annoying.
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