I seen a Fender Princeton Reverb at a local pawn shop for around $150.
Good price?
And also, would it be suitable with a Big Muff Pi/DS-1?
I play Alt. Rock, like Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Nirvana, etc.
I currently have a Marshall AVT150 Combo.
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Is it in good condition? How old is it? Have you tried it out?

It's famous for being the quintessential recording amp, I imagine it takes to pedals just fine.
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I have not tried it out yet, I will within the next few days. It looks like it is in good condition, though.
How would it sound compared to a drum kit? Audible, or not?
Is it good for Alt. Rock?
Fender has slapped the name "Princeton" on a number of very different amps. If it's an older all tube model, snatch it up and run! They know not what they have! However, if it's solid state, just pass. There's better stuff out there.
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Yeah, you've either found the deal of a lifetime, or a middle of the road SS practice amp.
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