That was quite genius. I enjoyed that. I only listened to the top 3 but yeah.

Chillaxitives is really good I think, it flows really well and the solos were really clever, the only real weakness is the end bit with the dissonance. I see what you were trying to do but it kind of was too dissonant.

Bored in Bedroom is really genius, I heard that one first and really enjoyed it all, but on relistening to it I think that the first solo seems to stop short a lot in places where it probably would've been better continuing, (particularly first 4 bars of solo, and bars 29-30) although good solo anyway, then the bit after that is a good continuation (although I wonder how you can play it) the next bit is cleverly done although at times the lead doesnt seem to flow quite as well as it should (mainly bars 51 and 52) then I like the way it goees back to the intro, although the outro chord seems very out of place.

The first time I heard the EVIL one I got kind of bored partway through, but to be fair on relisten, its only really the start thats boring, sounds kind of like a super mario theme.
Starting from bar 25 I like that riff, even if it is king of generic, solo is ok for most part but bar 37 and 39 sounds completely out of place. the next solo was good, sounds malmsteen or megadeth-y(to be obvious) then it returns to the easrlier solo which is kind of a weakness, and doesnt sound quite right.

I hope I did more than just tell you how they go, but I enjoyed the first two a lot.
I don't mean to be a ****, but this belongs in the Tabs & Chords section of Riffs & Recordings.

Will check them out in a second though.
EVIL is probably the worst song ive done i dont really like it that much , but i can play all the songs i write i'm buying eqipment soon and they shall be up on my profile eventually