I want to start playing the bass, and im looking for a good beginners bass that's as lightweight as possible, i don't want an acoustic or electracoustic, to give you an idea of what's heavy to me.. i tried a fender jazz bass out and they were too heavy for me, the weight is a big concern to me because i sold my les paul guitar because i got back problems. I'm thinking something yamaha, they seem to be pretty light, but i wanted to know if there were any basses you lot know of that are easy on the shoulders
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A very light weight Yamaha, I played one once,and it really is very light, didn't have the greatest tone, but wasn't rubbish either,and certainly wont give you back trouble
hope this helps
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ibanez btb s are light , well my friends is but i dunno what model it is
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a lot of the smaller Ibanez models are light.
I played an EDB400 (ibanez) for a while and that was lighter than my les paul...
Theyre decent basses as well
squier VM p bass
lightest bass i have tried
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i have a yamaha RBX170 - its very light. ibanez are light as well however i'd say that yamaha are much lighter.

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i've got a tanglewood 4K, its pretty light =)

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But yeah it's a really good bass and *really* light. (I have it )
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haha everyone is telling you to get yamaha and have clearly ignored the fact your sig says "anit-yamaha" lol
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the Ibanez I own is really light, it bugs me just a tiny bit- I like some weight to my basses.

it is lighter than my friends strat, to give you an idea.
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Get the bass that sounds best. Then buy a wider strap, this will spread the weight out more making it feel lighter.