Its in my profile. What scales do you think will fit? I have been using G minor so far.

I know that any scale can be used to fit (to a certain extent) but i have really been in a rut with this song.

Also what do you think will fit next? A solo? going back to the piano part?

I was personally thinking the piano part (vocals kick in here) and then go to a solo-type-thing.

Please help meh!
well, if that's where vocals kick in, i say you should make up some new riff for the verse, so the piano thing will stay special, and you can return to it later as some sort of bridge.
I personally think a solo would fit in better here than vocals, and the vocals can enter later.

Oh, and it's really cool.
Just bust of some melodic lead work man. Big expressive bends and slides and stuff.
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Thanks for the help guys.

PS i made the intro allot better. A much better build up to the guitar.

When i get back from my holiday i will mix what i have so far and see what you think then.
Ok i am back from my holiday to sunny Queensland.

Now... I couldn't bring my guitar so the song hasn't been changed or added to at all and i was to busy to start the lyrics.

Where do i go from here? write the backing guitar first and write the lyrics so they fit over the guitar?
Or should i do the lyrics now and the guitar later?

What scale do you think will fit it? when i first started writing i was just playing chords on a keyboard until something sounded good.

And finally, any tips on writing lyrics? This would be my first attempt