Can anyone tell me what the name of this chord is? I tried working it out, but apparently my theory is a bit lacking. It's in a song that I'm trying to learn, and it's moveable up and down the fretboard:

e --x--
B --3--
G --5--
D --5--
A --x--


A G C D                 <-- Notes Used

D E F# G A B C# D       <-- D Major scale
*      * *   *          <-- Notes used from scale

1 4 5 b7                <-- Intervals Used

D7sus                   <-- Chord name
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Its easiest to call it D7sus.

Thats the easiest way to name it.
See my post.
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Sweet - thanks for the help and the quick replies. I never would have figured one out!

So it looks like the popular answer is D7 sus4. Would that make this an inverted chord? I think part of my issue with identifying it was that I was trying to call it A-something since the base note is A...
Quote by controlfreak
you're calling it D7sus but there's no C# in it at all

No, because D7sus implies a b7, not just a 7th interval.

Therefore, it wouldn't be C#, it would be b7, = C.
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ah i see the light!!

but with inverted chords is it not illogical to call it D7sus because if a bass played along in D it wouldn't sound as right as if a bass played in A (or even C)
I think for that song, the chords used are E -> B5 -> D7sus,
and would make it a I -> V -> vii progression.
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