here are a bunch of awesome songs that havnt been tabbed yet
i would, but i suck at it

thy devourer- the red shore

i, the deceiver- eternal lord

knives and wolves- the red shore

take your pick!

any one of those would be awesome!
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Quote by scooby snacks
i would, but i dont have the time.

fair enough
thank you for replying!

pretty sure all the songs are in drop B
red shore might be a half step lower, though im not sure

cmon guys!
any one of those songs! but i the deceiver sounds the easiest
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The thing is, most people here won't have the gear to tab something out that low. However, someone will probably figure it out in standard or drop tuning because it will harmonize. Go figure.
does anyone have I, The Deceiver??

im really interested too

btw, "ralph wiggum" is the other guitarist in my band lol

pointless me saying that lol