sup folks, im looking for anyone, and i mean anyone, to jam with. i have two years of experience and learned a large amount of theory over the course of a couple months. almost every single riff and lick i play is either improvised or i composed it myself (although the song in my profile really doesnt show it). i play thrash metal, death metal, and quite a bit of neo-classical metal. WARNING: i have a little attitude problem kinda like Yngwie Malmsteen. i will try not to be an asshole as best as i can, i dont think i should be to much of a problem though, at least not to you.
i live in urbana well out side . i'll be in urbana tomorrow the 8th. i'll be at j&l music after 11
but i won't be there very long . i''l be at the art affair on the square the 19th at the first presbeterian (i think that how it's spelled) close to the courthouse around the corner close i should be playing a red and black acoustic. so see ya if i can i know it's a long drive but urbana is very nice.
I live in firestone park. Where are you?

I play all kinds o' sh!t (besides country or pop). I'm more of a composer than a performer. Besides, I need to jam with someone who knows theory, because I'm getting tired of telling people "Play the 3rds in Amin," and they don't know what the hell I'm saying.

Edit: Wait a minute... You're names not Ryan, is it?
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