In a recent post, I forget what thread it was, someone pointed to a wiki article about sleep paralysis.
This: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleep_paralysis
I had experienced this in the past and it's horrible, although I don't know if this is common but the article fails to mention it, I also seem to lose the ability to yell, the most I can muster is the tiniest of whispers, like my first one happened when I was 12 I remember it I was screaming for my parents, or trying, but nothing would come out and I'd try until it hurt but nothing.
Having been reminded of it last night I went to bed and I had a dream about you guessed it having sleep paralysis. And like I have been diagnosed by the doctor of having some crazy named thing, when I was young, that makes you overly calm, like I never worry about anything at all, drivers test I'm not nervous, public speaking nope, walking in a dark forest and hearing crunching of leaves behind me like someones following me not a bother, but after having had that dream I couldn't sleep I layed there for 3 hours too scared to fall asleep until I got up and went and played some guitar until I had to go to work.
Anyone else have any not able to sleep stories?
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Yes, I've woken up before when my body was still in its REM cycle. It was unnerving laying there unable to move.
I can remember a few times when i was younger i had a bad dream then for about 5 mins after a woke up i was afraid to close my eyes again, but i evenually just fell asleep again
I had very bad insomnia for a long time last year. I tried to get some sleeping pills but I'm not allowed them. It passed eventually.