How do guys, new to the forum but used the site before for numerous things, think it a great site.

any way I was wondering if some one could help me out, as I've said in the title my problem seems to be a complete lack of creativity, in that, there doesnt seem to be anything going on up stairs, no Ideas, riffs or music in general. and this is causing serious problems with my improvising, because when a here a rhythm/backing track there's nothing so I am just blindly hitting notes, within scales hoping to sound half decent, in terms of my music knowledge such as theory, technique, scales and chord vocabulary are pretty sound, but I have noticed that a) I don't listen to music any more, i seem more concerned with practicing, b) I no absolutely no licks, riffs in my catalogue, as I find it difficult to pick specific licks which I like. c) although a can play most things by ear and very rarely use tab, I find it difficult to hear or identify scales/chords when played.
anyway I was wondering if anybody else has been through this, or whether its because I'm a complete numbty at music.
any info would be great cheers.
ok i didn't really get what the question was. you want to know if someone has been through a creativity lapse?
well sure... but there's really nothing you can instantly do to get it automatically back.. will it come back from time or it just won't.
maybe you're just not trying hard enough... but really, there's nothing we can tell you. it's all inside you.
Quote by newcastle
because when a here a rhythm/backing track there's nothing so I am just blindly hitting notes, within scales hoping to sound half decent

Yes, I know the feeling. I felt quite a bit the same for a while, until I realized
some things.

Here's a fact: there's an infinite number of musical ideas that are embedded in scales.
Any and all of the can be combined and used to make up a solo.

So, with all those infinite musical ideas in the scale, why is it you can't come up
with a single one when you play? It's because you haven't extracted those ideas
out and practiced them! It's pretty simple. (most likely you've extracted exactly
ONE musical idea -- diatonic 2nds or "running up & down the scale -- and that's
the extent of your scale practice).

So what's a musical idea? It can be a lot of things, but mostly it's taking some kind
of logical pattern and traversing the scale with it in some manner. The most basic
ideas are the 7 intervals. It's really really helpful to be able to ascend/descend
in all the basic intervals everywhere on the neck. I like to do "back and forth"
patterns with these, but even just these basic intervals have nearly infinite
permutations. So you can start with those if you're so inclined....
yeah, I apologize it is a little bit skittish in terms of my question, what I should of said was i wondering is this lack of creativity a result of me not listening to music any more and so on, and being more concerned with the technical and theory side of playing.
my apologies for the vague question.
creativity goes for about 10$ a gram around here

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Just relax and take it easy. Don't try so hard and let ideas come to you. You said you're not listening to music anymore, I'd suggest you start listening again because it'll help you draw inspiration.
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