Many people say that metal tunes just don't work as MIDI versions.

Well dudes, sometimes one does not have a choice. Everyone else who likes similar tunes as me (that I know), are way beyond my experience and have established bands already.

So far I have only one demo on my profile.

Just looking to see if other people make metal MIDI tunes.

and hoping it is not pointless for me to write out some more.
I personally don't make metal MIDI's, but I was wondering, why not just go buy a cheap microphone so you can record at least part of your songs? I listened to your MIDI song in your profile, and it's just not the same as actual instruments. I use a Blue Snowball($100) as my mic, but I'm sure there are better mics for the price though. You can still midi the drums and other instruments and just play the guitar; that's much better than just pure midi for everything.