Ive recently bought a P bass copy from a friend for £30, its in pretty good conition apart from the horrible fret buzz

Ive raised the action a lot on the E string (main problem), I dont feel that confident with adjusting the truss rod etc, just wondering, how much would it cost to get the nut replaced and have the bass set up?

Having a look on ebay a nut for a P bass is something like £4 so its not a problem getting one, so does anyone know the average price of a set up?

Heres a few pics,

that is a pretty gnarly nut, however a new nut will only fix open string buzz, if you have buzzing when fretting notes, it is usually caused by uneven frets which would require a full fret dress (leveling of all the frets). new nut and setup usually goes for about 30-60$, depending on where you are, fret dresses go for about 80-120$, also, amke sure your neck is completely straight, to much backbow (curving of the neck) can cause serious buzzing problems, have a tech look at it an dgive you an estimate
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Playing about with the bass now and its only the first fret on each string that buzzes when you let the note ring out,

I hope its just a trashed nut and bad set up , getting the frets leveled out on a £30 ($60) bass dosnet seem worth it

Thanks for the advice, i will get it looked at soon
That nut does look a bit worn.

A correction from the above. You don't want a perfectly straight neck. This can cause string buzz; a slight curve is desirable. I recently had this issue with my Ibanez and a turn of the truss rod sorted it out.

A good setup can cost about 50USD - 75 USD with strings in my area. Its worth it if you aren't comfortable with doing this yourself, esp. on a used bass. Nut replacements are cheap on parts and usually run about 1/2 - hour work of labour, depending on the shop.
I got quoted for one the other day for a setup, without strings, no fret work... $110

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