Heyy, Since i've played my guitar i've just constantly played scales, Shredding Scales... Pentatonic Scales... The lot.

But, Recently i've just picked up the art of Sweep-Picking.

And.. Tbh, I'm not too good,
(A Days Practise Actually.)

But, Before It becomes a custom to me to do it wrong.

Am I doing it right?

Basically.. This my interpretation of it.
As you sweep the strings, you put your finger on each of the strings as you hit it, and you hit the bottom string twice, (Downstroke then Upstroke), Then back up to the string you started on, ( Then upstroke to downstroke and back down.. etc..)

Is this right?
Or is there anything else i'm missing?

Thanks for the help.
I pull off at the bottom. This is what I do-


Sorry if thats a bit crap, but you get the idea.