I did quite alot of looking, and couldn't find a Spock's Beard Thread, or anything to do with them, and I'm pretty sure I'm in the right sub forum.

So I thought I'd wonder out loud, or through my fingers for all us pedantic folk, anyone catch Spock's Beard on their current tour?

Saw them in the Glasgow Arches last night, fecking amazing gig.
Supported by a band called Frost, who were actually really good as well.

I shook Alan's hand when he came into the crowd, then again when I got a photie, and managed to get everyone's autograph(Jimmy included) and a picture with Nick.

Anyone else experienced the 'Beard?
I came so close to being able to see them in July in Leeds. I was devastated that I wasn't able to go!


I bought their first album purely off the cool cover and artist name, plus I like me some prog
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