This is regarding the software Guitar Pro 5.
How can I move all the notes at the same time up? Because my guitar isn't standard tuned so if I want to play a song from a tab that is in standard tuning I have to adjust everything when I play it, is there a way to move all the notes up or down in a song at the same time?
uhm you can change the tab-tuning by pressing F6 which should be "track" in the english version (not quite sure, i own the german one) and there you can tune every string the way you want to..
i hope that helped you
If the song is already all tabbed out just double click on the instrument at the bottom and change the tuning of the guitar to whatever tuning its supposed to be, then it should ask you if u want all the notes tranfered into that tuning. Hit yes and all the notes should then change.
I just changed the tuning on the song by pressing F6 to that I have on my guitar so everything changed to that. In that way the song maintained it's original tuning and sounds the same. Great! THX!!