Have you ever smelled a fart so vile that you didn't think it was a fart, but something more dangerously evil? Or just a really rank one?

I am a victim of my older brother's TERRIBLE FARTS. He always denies it, but everyone knows it's him because they're just so foul.

Do you have any TERRIBLE FART stories? If so, post here!
Corona Corona
yes... my mother.. they are silent, and MUST burn when they come out.. it's like a roach fogger going off.. it starts off only in a small part of the house, and then leaks EVERYWHERE.. then when you confront her she just says "sorry"

seriously horrible
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Official Fart Thread
Quote by GnR_ROK
Words for describing the ladies subtly

Damage - bit of alright
Major damage - bloody fit
Damage has been done - older fit bird
minor damage - fit but you would be arrested for it
collateral damage - ugly bird with fit mates
one time my frind actually shat himself in public trying to be funny, does that count? cuz it was pretty nasty
Once I was doing your mom, and then she farted lololololololol

That joke had about the same maturity level as this thread.
my boyfriends farts (spootz) come out hot smelling and could clear out a locker room.
Quote by DieGarbageMan
I farted in my brothers soup once before.

he still ate it.

Did you fart OVER it?
Or stick your ass in it?

Big difference.
my uncle farted once and he asked his friend if he smelled smoke, his friend took a big sniff to try to smell the "smoke" and almost threw up
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Quote by Blash56
farts are funny
if you're 10 years old
farts are funny if you have the mentality of a 10 year old ie me. the guy infront of me in an exam farted REALLY louldly
We were doing sit-ups in basketball class during the warm ups and someone just let it rip. I swear it was like a Boeing 747 just took off, and since it was so quiet it went all the way across the gym and reverberated back. Needless to say I laughed my ass off and had to re-do warm ups while everyone else started the game.