Hey, there's a problem I've been having for the past few days, maybe I could get some help with it.

My bass amp, whenever I play, makes weird noises. Sort of like a static, buzzing sound that has sometimes has some crackling mixed in. I just did a little experimentation, and the one thing I've found that can stop it is to softly hold the G string so it doesn't vibrate at all.

If it's any help, I have some really cheap, but fairly new equipment. 7 month old Dean Edge 09 bass (I've heard those have problems with the jack, could that be it?), the 10 watt amp that came with it, and the cable I'm using is actually a 1/4"-1/8" cable I found in a closet with a 1/8"-1/4" adapter on it (Yea, I know, I need to replace that).

So, from what I've described, can anyone tell me what my problem is, or if not at least a way to better diagnose it?
I would guess it's a grounding problem. Does it buzz when you're not touching the strings or bridge but then go away when you put your hand on them?
Check to see if the amp's power cord has a ground prong. If not, then it buzzes because of all the pent up electricity. When you touch it, you're grounding it, therefore the noise stops.
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Well, my amp does have a ground prong. I tried plugging it into a different outlet, but that didn't solve the problem. Normally I keep my amp in my bedroom, I moved it out into the living room to play it there, and I only started having problems again when I moved it back into my bedroom. I don't think switching plugs like that would do anything, unless the plug got broken somehow (considering it's like a $30 amp, I wouldn't be surprised)
Well, I tried some things, tried plugging it in in a few more places.

I first plugged it in in a totally different part of my room. Buzzing was gone, but was back after playing for a few seconds. I tried the kitchen, it buzzed. Two spots in the living room, first place it buzzed as much as it did before. The second time I plugged it into where I had it a few days ago, right before this began, which happens to be a surge protector. It still buzzed, but the buzzing was barely audible unless I put my ear within a couple inches of the speaker.

I doubt there are grounding problems with all of these plugs, my house was mostly rewired about 8 or so years ago.

My guess is that it's the amp, and that plugging it into a surge protector helps ease the grounding problem. Does that sound plausible?
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Yeah, because the ground outlet of surge protectors is extremely strong, which is why they are so effective at preventing surge's of charge. The more ground you have, the less buzz. You can remedy this by grounding your bass. Attach a wire to your bridge, drill a screw, a small one, into your bass somewhere, and solder the wire to that screw. You may not be able to something like this, so if not, shield your electronics with tin foil.
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