First, I have never built a guitar before. I would however like to build my own super strat with a h/s/h pickup config and a floyd trem. my question is where do i get started with this? where can i find the parts? are there directions anywhere, or a guide? i appreciate your help and i hope i can make my dream a reality.
you dont want to do a floyd rose on your first guitar, trust me. you can get templates from guitarbuildingtemplates.com or something, they have the EVH kramer thing i think. then you just need a router and a laminate bit.
first of all, buy some wood, (or a pre-cut body) and make your body design with that. then get a neck, (since it is your first neck, I would reccomend buying a pre-made neck), and get started from that.
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well ive played guitar for like 3, 4 years now. this is just a dream of mine, to build a super strat with a floyd. are they hard to put on or something?
here is a pretty close representation of what i want. Steve Vai's Green Meanie

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yeah, very hard to mount correctly. its a big string alignment/keeping scale length problem. and locking nuts are a serious pain in the tits to install 100% correctly.

ok, well what would you suggest i install then. I would prefer a locking trem. but what do u think is more realistic then?
could buy a strat body and put a super vee trem in it
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could buy a strat body and put a super vee trem in it

with the super vee can you pull up on it? or can it only dive?