So, any thoughts on these guys? They have that almost Kinsella sound, so figured they'd belong in the Emo forum (though.. some of these forum names confuse the **** out of me.)

They aren't based too far from where I live, can't wait to see them live. Some Kind of Cadwallader was a really good debut.. hope they come to my area with Street Smart Cyclist soon.


EDIT : Added myspace and fixed my spelling mistake in the name zzz
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Well, that is possibly the coolest name I've ever heard so I will be checking them out. Plus, Kinsella influence = win.

Hope you like them man. I am a bit behind on checking out Kinsella to be honest, but it's how most people describe them. Bout to go listen to Cap N Jazz for the first time actually haha.
Love Algernon, i can play Some Kind O' Cadwallader on bass, not hard but it's fun. I actually view this group of musicians (the guys in Algernon, along with off-shoot bands and friends) as some of the most talented and favorite musicians of mine, does that makes any sense?