Idk how many people have heard of them, but they have to be like, my favorite band. idk, i just thought id mention em, cuz i didnt see their name anywhere, and there are like absolutely no bass tabs for them. If anyone can find a ton of them, please let me know.
deffinately my favourite newish band, mute print & ruiner are 2 of my favourite albums & diver is the best ep or 7 inch ive ever bough. i never get bored of them.

i wasnt too keen on career suicide though, it seemed they were being technical just for the sake of it and the songs sometimes seemed abit long as opposed to earlier songs that would seem to be over in no time leaving you wanting more.

that said i think they may start going down hill since chris left, he was credited on most of the best songs which im abit dissapointed about.

does anyone have the bonus track off the australian release of mute print? i think its called bodies in suitcases or something? if someone could hook me up with it id really appreciate it