hey im going to the guitar show at valley forge convention center on july 12 and i was wondering wats the reccomended amout of cash that i should take??
as much as you are willing to spend
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If i were going, I'd predetermine how much to spend, and take exactly that amount, and leave my debit card, etc, at home. The temptation would be to much to bear once I got up there, if I had extra cash.
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im looking to get as much for my money as possible and i think i can pull out $200 on short notice so is that enough and waht do u think i can get for that. this is the Great American guitar show at velley forge convention center
^ You can't really get that great of a guitar for $200 at a guitar shop... that isn't your max budget is it?
im not going to get a guitar defintly. i might just get some pedals and amps and i have seen guys get that stuff for pretty good prices at these things so what do u think i should budget
bring an amount of money that your comfortable spending, nearing the "out-of-your-price-range" mark. that way if you see a really really amazing deal that you HAVE to have, you will most likely be able to pay for it if it is in your price range, with a little extra if the thing costs a little more.

EDIT: but its really up to you and how comfortable you are with spending money