I got my first Floyd Rose bridge with my Jackson DKMG about a month ago, and I don't like the strings that come stock with it. But I'm afraid if I try to change them, I might **** up, because I've only ever changed strings on a fixed bridge. All I'm asking is for a few tips on changing strings on a Floyd Rose, and the differences between changing strings on a fixed and floating bridge.
Make sure you get the same gauge strings and replace them one at a time and you'll have no problems.

Removing a string will change the tension so the bridge will sink back, but when you bring the new string up to pitch the bridge will be back level. You'll only encounter difficulties if you remove more than one string at a time.

Also, read the sticky...

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i was gunna get an ESP with a floyd rose bridge then i saw a video on how you have to change em and i changed my mind and got my silverburst les paul. but if you go on youtube you can find some good videos on there that show you step by step ways to do it.

good luck tho.
You have to cut the balls off.
Or, you can feed the string with the ball end at the tuners if you can't cut them, but then it looks horrible. Also, try to stay with the same gauge strings, else you'll have trouble balancing the bridge. When you've got all the strings in place, tune them slowly, and have patience. You're gonna have to adjust the bridge, then adjust the tuning, back and forth, multiple times.
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There are several threads im sure, and also the floyd rose site has its own guide on it.

But anyway:
if you like them, use the same guage strings as before to avoid adjustments
change strings ONE AT A TIME, dont take them all off at once
you might have to cut the balls off
at the end slowly coax all the strings back into tuning, it will take a while and probably detune itself overnight
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