Basically I've had my 'Faith' Acoustic guitar for a while and it was quite expensive (about £600 new from 'Manson's' Guitar Shop for any who know of it) but lately it has developed this buzzing sound from either the bridge or inside the body of it.

Can anyone help me ascertain what this is?
Maybe your action is too low? Anyways, you should take back into the shop you bought it from and see if they'll do any adjustments for you, for free, hopefully, since you bought it there. They'll probably know what the problem is.
Check for loose hardware, bridge pins, or debris inside the cavity. Then if you don't see anything take it to the shop you bought it from. Just make sure you won't feel stupid because they find something really obvious.
Mine did that too, i just tightened the screws on the Sting Knobs and the buzzing went away.
You didn't drop a pick inside it did you? Or have kids around that could have shoved something into the soundhole? Your best and easiest way of finding the culprit is to get the guitar to make the offensive noise, and while it's doing it, grab ahold of different parts of the guitar to narrow down where it's coming from exactly. By touching each part, you'll in effect be muting the loose part, stopping it from buzzing/rattling. Once you find it, you can then go on to the fixing it step.
hi thanks for all the replies, i did have my action lowerd last time i had it serviced there, but this is most definately not fret buzz its definately near or at the bridge.

Ive also tried playing a note which casues this buzz and putting pressure on different parts of the guitar to see where the problem is with no luck.
I can shake the guitar and it does not rattle but it buzzes at random notes at the bridge.
Any other ideas guys?
Hmmm, you had the action lowered you say? Could be the culprit right there. Here's what I'd try. Have a new set of strings on hand, and remove all of the old strings. Look closely at the bridge saddle(the white piece fit into the bridge that the strings rest on) so you know it's orientation, then take it out. Look at the bottom edge of the saddle to make sure it's precisely flat. Hold it on something that's a good known flat surface and see if you can see any light between the bottom egde and the straight edge. Look in the slot in the bridge for debris which could be preventing the saddle from sitting flush. This contact surface between the bottom of the saddle and the bottom of the routed slot in the bridge is most critical for tone, sustain, projection, volume, of the guitar. It's where the vibrating string energy is transferred to the soundboard, so anything amiss here will result in problems.
While the strings are all off, wiggle a hand into the guitar and feel around for loose bracing.
Test fit each bridge pin into the holes without the strings. They should all sit approx. even, but not be overly loose either.
Any of the above items could be causing your problem.
Thanks LeftyDave ill definitely try this, i ordered a new set of strings today so ill set about doing that as soon as they come, thanks for all your advice!
Hey dude, I think i have the same guitar, and have been having a similar problem.

I have spent the last hour or two trawling the internet and tweaking the guitar here and there - I think my problem (which seems pretty darn stupid now) is that i had no 9v battery in the guitar, which was allowing the two springs in the battery housing to vibrate and buzz. It was only really happening when playing the g string though which was throwing me a bit.
Yes Knight83... I have had the same problem with my Taki. It took ages for me to track it down....Cheers.
I had a problem that I would describe the same way "buzzing sound from either the bridge or inside the body" that started after I changed the nut and the strings.

Although the rattle/buzz came from the bridge the problem was at the nut:
- I think I filed the E groove too wide and that allowed the string to move sideways.
- The string sat very high on the tuning peg.

By re-rolling the string so it was pushed down the rattle disappeared.
(In the past a bit of tinfoil between the string and the nut also has helped keeping the string in place and quiet).
ime, problems are usually found where "the last guy" did some work. a couple of suggestions:

-you say that the action was lowered. usually this means that somebody removed material from the bottom of the saddle. this often causes buzzes when the saddle is not exactly square, and not seated flat and cleanly in the saddle pocket. it really needs to make complete and total contact with the bottom of the saddle pocket from end to end. it can be made worse with under saddle transducers. push down on various parts of the saddle while playing and see if this kills the buzz.

-if you have a pinned bridge, and the sound is coming directly from under the bridge, easiest thing to do would be to make sure your pins are seated correctly and that the ball ends are pulled up against the bridge plate first. the ball ends can rattle if they are not snugged up tight. get in the box with a mirror and a flashlight and check.
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I just had the same problem w/bridge buzzing on a Fender 12-string I just got 2 hours ago. The saddle was not fully contacting the e string, so I just took the string off and built up that tiny part of the saddle with that Bondic glue that uses a tiny light to harden it. I then used a small triangular file to notch it. Works perfect.
As has been said above it could be string buzzing on the saddle. At the saddle end give the strings a push side to side. They should take a fair amount of effort just to 'click' them out of the groove they will have work themselves. If they move freely that's the problem.
Check electronic wiring. If a piece of doublesided tape or something came loose, could be as simple as a wire rattling against the body.
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