I am looking for a new amp. I play hard rock, classic rock, a little of everything, but a lot of metal. I want a versatile amp that will have a setting for every situation. It has to have good distortion for some aggressive metal (harmonics, tapping, etc must sound good and be easy to do). The more settings and effects the better. I don't play live so I have no need for lots of wattage. My maximum price is $400. What would be my best choice?
Crate V-50.
does all those things especially good with metal without a pedal.
heres a good example of the versatility of this amp.

alot of people would recomend the peavey valveking cause they think it can do the brotalz but it lacks tone IMO, and it cant do what the crate can without a pedal.
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A Valveking 112 would probably be the best for all that. The tone won't be godly for anything, especially stock, but it'll do everything you mentioned very nicely.
just check out the video 2/3 of the way thats when he starts doing metal.
really great amp for the money and does away with the competition in the same price range.
The crate sounds alright. Good sound, not a lot of effects though. A lot of people say the valveking, but I'll need an overdrive pedal right? would that take me over my limit?
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dude if you want a bunch of effects and monster gain then this is your amp.


but seriesly look at the Crate video 2/3 of the way just look at it thats metal.
the peavey with a pedal isnt ganna be much better man.


Don't get the Line 6 please.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I really don't know which one to choose. I guess I'll play them and see.