What makes the Gibson robot guitar special?
How does it work?
Most importantly, more tech than needed?
I don't think it's that important really, just a tool for pros who play every night who need multiple tunings.

And there's vids on Youtube, I can't describe how it works exactly, but it picks up a note, and tunes it with these automated tuners that get it to the desired note.

I think it's that.
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I'm not going to get all pissy and say seatch (because someone else probably will), but I will say to the inevitable posters of "What's the point of this amp?" "It's a waste of money for people who have more cash than brains!" Go through these threads, so people don't have to waste their time explaining again what the point of these guitars are.

Thread 1

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Have fun...
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jesus christ don't people search anymore?

there's a built in tuner that detects whether each string is in tune, if it isn't there are tiny motors attached to the machine heads and it changes the tension of each string to get it into tune.

it's not too much technology (i bet more than half of you already use a tuner, the only difference is the motors and a simple program to tell them when to start and stop turning etc). it's not pointless, if you play songs (on stage, it isn't for bedroom shredders) in multiple tunings it could very easily be a more economic alternative than one guitar for each tuning plus a backup for each tuning. it may be overpriced but that's an opinion, but if you're on here it's probably not aimed at you so essentially your opinion isn't needed.

it won't stop people learning how to tune as like some people will all too gladly point out, it costs a crapload of money, meaning it's an unlikely choice for a beginner.

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Theres also a company that sells kits so that you can transform your own guitar into a "robot" guitar. Pretty awesome id say
the robot guitar...... is a guitar for lazy "guitar hero's" ( )
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