okay, so i'm going to be needing a couple mics for my recording equipment, and i need for now an acoustic mic, and vocal mic, i really don't know much, so can you guys help me out? i'm wanting to get a good quality, but also i have very little money aswell so, not too expensive
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EDIT: whoops didn't see vocal/acoustic.
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Why on earth would you recommend a Shure Sm57 as a vocal/acoustic mic? I do not follow this logic.

These are the options I would consider for low cost vocal/acoustic setups.




All are great options. The Rode will have the best sound quality, I find the Cascades cut a close second. I would go with either the Cascade bundle, or the MXL bundle, depending on just how much you have to spend. Having 2 mics available makes recording acoustic much more of a joy.