me and my friend were gonna take our acoustic guitar(mine) and bongos(his) to the beach and busk there. im a pretty decent guitarist, and he just started playing. what would be some good songs to cover? what are some good bands with this set up? we were hoping to play mostly chill stuff, like sublime, slightly stoopid, dispatch, jack johnson
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Anything By Jack Johnson.
Mellow Foo Fighters, Stereophonics etc.

That usually goes down well (:
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Eagles, RHCP perhaps, some of the lighter Zep stuff, some Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here, etc).
well you said dispatch so
the general and bang bang by dispatch are both good songs
burn one down by ben harper features some good bongoish work
Play Heaven and Hell and hope Dio gives you a dollar.


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Try some Ben Harper, that could work.

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set the controls for the heart of the sun by pink floyd.
+A Billion

Seriously, go with this.
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You could play Serenity by Godsmack.

Zebra - John Butler
Planet Caravan - Pantera version (crucial bass line though.)
Play Midnight Rider by the Allman Brothers Band.
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