Hey guys....I've been mainly hanging out over in the originals section, but I thought that I would toss this tune up over here. I don't typically do a whole lot of covers...too lazy to learn tunes all the way through I guess...LOL...easier just to write your own crap....Nobody can tell if it's wrong. LOL

Anyway, this tune is a Testament cover, off of their Practice What You Preach CD. It was a mainstay in our old bands list of cover tunes....waaay the crap back in the 80's. LOL It's one of the few tunes that I really remembered from back then, so I recorded my own interpretation of it a couple years back now.
It's not a note for note version and it's not meant to be really. Testament was/is one of my fav bands from that era & Alex Skolnick has always been one of my fav guitarists...I was heavily influenced by them over the years, so this is just my personal take on one of their classics.

BTW, the ending was totally changed for this recording, mainly in an effort to shorten it up. I recorded this for "Metal Cover Tune Challenge" over at Musician War a few years back & the size restrictions for files at that time meant that to get the best sound quality, you needed to keep songs fairly short. So I wrote a quick riff to fade out on right after the solo, so I could keep it around 3 & a half minutes or so. Which would probably explain it, if you didn't recognize that riff at the end.

The tune was recorded using Guitar Tracks Pro 2.0 on the PC. I used my Dean Evo AS7 and Avalanche 7 guitars, Peavey Millenium BXP 5 bass, a Johnson J-Station for the Rhythm Guitars, Harmonies & Bass and a GNX1 for the actual solo, Drums were done in Fruity Loops.

Sins of Omission

Leave me a link, if you've got something that you'd like me to check out.

I'm a HUUUUGE Testament fan and I love all their stuff. I'm was really excited when I saw this cover. I love it man, sounds fantastic, you really nailed it while adding your own touch on it. Keep it up man, sounds ****ing awesome. This blows the original away.

I have a Testament tune on my page, check it if you want.
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Damn!!! Someone finally looked at this one! Whoo hooo!

Yeah dude....My old band & I were HUUUUGE Testament geeks back in the late 80's. Before we go into all original stuff, we did a lot of Testament tunes....Alone in the Dark, Over the Wall, The New Order, Nobody's Fault (technically Aerosmith, I know), The Ballad, Practice What You Preach, Sins of Omission & a few others.
Unfortunately, I had not played any of them in years & years....Sins of Omission was the only one that I could remember at all. LOL

By the way, I did check out a few of your tunes....Very damn good dude! Very cool to hear younger dudes still playing old stuff from bands like Testament & Anthrax! Great tones & recordings too!

Thanks for checking out my stuff man. I'm not at your level at all, but maybe someday
I'm looking forward to hearing more from you!