I just snapped a G string (No pun intended... seriously) and found a pack of electric strings that I'm sure I never bought due to not knowing the make... anyhoo, I thought what the hell, I might as well try them on the acoustic and pick up some acoustic strings next week or summit...
Well it sounds a lot better than I thought and it's absolutly beautiful to play! I'm a happy little flamenco shredder =D
Just wondering though,
Will the strings have any negative effects on the guitar itself?
E.g. Less pressure than acoustic strings leading to neck problems...
Any help much appreciated!
My grandfather started putting electric strings on his acoustic after his fingers were getting worn out from the acoustic strings. He likes how he can bend a lot easier, and I actually dig the sound. I haven't noticed anything wrong with the neck, and we've been using the electric strings for about 4 years. You should be alright.
It won't hurt the guitar, but it won't sound good either.
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Quote by God_in_a_bag
exactly the problem that you predicted

You, sir, are misinformed. "not enough tension" being a problem is a myth. Just like "taking off all the strings on a guitar is bad for it" is a myth.

Too much tension is a BIG problem. It can warp the guitar horribly.

Too little tension, however, is not a problem unless you've left your guitar stringless for a decade or so, and in humidity/temperature conditions that are unsuitable for an acoustic guitar.
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