This bass is mine... it was my father's before he left me and my mother... he took his Fender P-Bass with him but left this...

Now... I am a guitar player... Not a bass player... But I have the utmost respect for bass... it is the heartbeat of the band ...

I have come to believe this is a Kramer... but other than that can you give me a run down on the make and model... possibly maybe the year (it is probably impossible to tell from a pic... neck profiling?)

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Yeah it's a Kramer DMZ 5000, most probably from the very late 70's/early 80's. What does the aluminium neck feel like? I've always wondered.
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Kinda ruff actually... makes moving up and down the neck interesting with sweaty hands lol
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Amps dont matter.
Oh could i possibly have a price now... with the vintage factor?
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Amps dont matter.
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Google search leads me to an 80's DMZ for $605

this is right on target. the DMZ 5000 and DMZ 6000B were both produced 1979-1980.
the descriptions are the same, so i don't know the difference between the two, but the value of both is $400 to $550, as of 2005. they are kinda rare. if it were mine, i wouldn't sell it for less than $800 to $1000. i say keep it and play it until somebody
wants it bad enough to pay for it.

Edit: well i saw a pic of the DMZ 6000B, so i'm agreeing that you have a DMZ 5000.
the 6000B has some fancy scroll cuts on the end of the body(bridge end).
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