just two weeks ago i replaced my strings with ernie ball super slinky 9s, and the high e string broke today. i use the bar, but not excessively, and I thought these strings were supposed to last a long time right? so does anyone know strings that can take some abuse and won't break after a few weeks? thanks
i would say check out elixir strings... alot of people say they have a dull sound, but they work fine for me.
Elixirs are good if you want tone longevity, not structural longevity.

In my experience, they tend to break quite easily.
Try .10s?

I had EB strings break on me a couple of times, but now I use DRs and I havn't had a break since I started using them.

Also wiping down each string after you play makes strings last a lot longer.

Couple of things to try out.
Elixirs are good, and i suggest going up to 10s. Ive had Elixirs on for at least 2 months at a time, and they still sounded good and were intact.
Make sure to stretch your strings before tuning them up for good. (Though I should change them) I get months out of my strings. It also depends how hard you play as well.
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ive used Daddario EXLs and GHS Progressives. not a string has snapped yet but i personally like the GHS better.
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Don't use Slinkys on a FR equipped guitar, theyre just a little too "slinky".

IE they pop out the bridge and are prone to snapping.
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I have used Elixirs for a long time now. They last AGES for me, unlike my experience with Rotosound where the low E string broke and almost killed me.

I never have problems with D'Addario EXL 10s.
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idk how you guys play but ive used ghs boomers/progressives, slinkys, DR and the only time ive ever broken a string is whem i go overboard with my floyd. Make sure you are stringing your guitar and clean the strings after you play cuz the sweat from your hand causes rust wich causes weak spots on the string.
I have had EB 10's for a few months now, and then a lot more before that...never had one break on me.
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