ok so i hear people always saying that tone comes from your hands more than anything. so is there a theory on this or an explanation?

like a differance in hands. strong/weak,slim/fat/ect.
people equate tone with the nuances of the players style. And I can sort of see where they're coming from. satch will sound like satch regardless of the equipment. but that's because of his style rather than his tone (that's if we're talking about tone as in what you'd hear if a player played the same thing through different equipment)
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Think of it like the human voice.
No two are the same.
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When people say that, they mean that it's in the way you play. Technique does play a large part in tone. If I used David Gilmour's equipment, I probably wouldn't sound the same as him, even though it's the same amp, guitar, and effects.

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I think it is more of a what you do with your hands as opposed to a what your hands are like kind of thing. I also believe that the saying is in refernce to how an excellent player will sound good through any sort of rig due to his/her technique/soul/style. It is not the type of guitar or amp or pedal that give you a great tone but how you play the guitar.
without bends, vibrato, whammy bar the actual strings on the guitar would make an unemotional sound.
These techniques bring the guitar to life. Forgetting effects. But the wah is the most expression-ate pedal i think, another movement from the body is required, almost like a vibrato.