Hi, I have a Crybaby Classic, and I'm also using a Digitech RP150. I noticed that whenever my wah is hooked up it affects my tone, making it more squeaky, high, and buzzy. I am wondering what some solutions to this would be.
Also, if it helps I have a Squire Strat and an MG10KK.
I see many things wrong with this...(points to mg10KK)
But does it make the "squeaky, high, and buzzy" sound when you just run: Guitar>wah>amp?
No I run Guitar>Wah>RP150>Amp, should I be not running the RP150 and the wah at the same time?
Yeah, I guess the RP150 was the problem, I think that instead of using a multi-effects pedal I'm just going to buy tons of stompboxes. Thanks for your help.
So you paid 20 bucks extra because it has a red face plate on the amp and kerry king says its better than the regular MG10CD, mmm ok. I guess kerry king made 20 bucks.
I bought it a loooong time ago, back then I didn't know much about guitar. Now I know that Kerry King doesn't really play guitar he just makes noise. I'm upgrading amps as soon as I save up more money.