Has anyone got any info or pics of the new Mick Thomson (Seven of Slipknot) signature Acoustic, i've a seen a small pic of it, and it looks f*cking awesome?
Total Guitar magazine are reviewing it next month, according to the current issue, which had a picture of it.
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^ i think it looks like that but with seven written on it. Personally i dont see the point, when have they done an acoustic song?
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gently does have some acoustic in the begining too if i remember correctly

EDIT: oh and the new album is probly gonna have some cuz i remeber corey saying that he wanted to do some real singing on the new record so that might mean some acoustic songs
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cos this is a mick thomson slipknot thread...

may i ask please what guitar scales does mick thomson use?

hungarian? mixolydian? harmonic?