Hey guys

My band has just decided that we dont want to do covers anymore, only as warm ups and fun. So we all decided we wanna write out own song.

Thing is, we find it difficult to come up with lyrcis which dont sound wankish, arent love songs or just generally dont suck. But the same problem applies when our 2 guitarists try and write riffs

Which do you guys think is easier to do first?
Any help is much apprwciated
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I sometimes do both, then horrendously smash them into one another.

But usually, music first, initial lyrics, tweak music to fit lyrics, polish up lyrics.
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sometimes the lyrics come first for me, but usually the music comes first. idk why but it usually happens that way....

it's really your own preference, but if you can't write any good lyrics or good riffs you're going to have a hard time
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Music normally. THen write lyrics to fit the music, then tweak the music a bit, polish off the lyrics. and voila
There's numerous posts/threads about this topic in the Techniques forum, a sub-forum to this one. Have a look in there. Also it might be worth doing a search in there first, before you post a new thread asking the above question, as it's not the first.

Good luck.

Also all the people who replied above need to the rules too. You could have, and should have reported this thread.
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