i was just curious what people on the boards think about the SV and Flex3 when comparing the two on anything but more specifically tone, especially at high volumes.
Flextone has better modelling. It's like a pod with a powerramp.

If you're buying, don't get either.

EDIT: Disregard, thought it was Spider III
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flexwave sure win.
the spider valve is just a sit box with tubes in it.
its the same jst louder
I like flextones quite a bit, but from what I've heard of the SV, it sounds somewhere in between tonal crap and Flaming tonal crap (read: MG100hdfx/MG412 half stack)
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I had only heard sound clips of the SV and thought they sounded a bit thin. However, last weekend I went out with my friend and he demoed on with a Tele and I liked what I heard. It has the same cheap effects as the Spider 3, but the tonal quality is improved quite a bit with the tube. If it were me, I'd probably still go for a Flextone for it's cheaper cost, better effects and greater versitility compared to the Valve.