Ok, what would your ideal radio station have? I used to think mine was just mostly (if not all) classic rock stuff... but I realised recently that I like a lot of variation (or classic rock gets boring quick). I realised this since we have a radio station (rock radio) in manchester that just play only classic rock (such as led zep, acdc, gnr, free etc)... but it gets boring pretty quick. I guess mine would have a bit of classic rock, some cheese, some really soft rock, some pop (like michael jackson-ish), some rnb, some funk and some chatting (like on radio 5 live at night). I also detest them playing the news every 30 minutes - like we can't just read a newspaper or watch either of the 2 free 24 hour news channels?
It might be that they just play all the clichéd songs from all the bands they play - and they're usually the worst songs (purple haze, sweet child, rock and roll, all right now etc.)

Best radio station I've ever listened to.
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Best radio station I've ever listened to.

mmmm agreed.
helloooo fellow KW-area person
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classic rock with various types of metal and other rock i can't really describe
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inb4 br00t4lz radio station

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