I assume this was locked the first time due to a post, and a contort by me about male excrement, I don't see a problem with my thread or topic post, and wasn't warned, so I'll try again.

Don't get this shut down again, plse?


sucks. Badly, first I puked, then I couldn't breathe (I assume my esophagus stayed open FOR NO ****ING REASON) for so long that I passed out. And awoke in a pool of vomit. I took a shower, and I puke and CANT BREATHE AGAIN!!!

This is very annoying. Its like allergies, your body causes you discomfort because it is fighting off a threat that is, indeed, not a threat at all. Except in this case my vomit reflex is trying to kill me by simply keeping my esophagus open.

What are the odds you think that I should puke, suffocate, pass out and CONTINUE to suffocate until dead?

EDIT: I'm really beginning to hate this human body..


I am vomiting because, actually I don't know why, but my stomache keeps filling (I can feel this) with a highly acidic pink fluid (yeah, duh, but my stomache contents don't usually look like this, or burn like fire on the way out)

Mild food poisoning, maybe?
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Go and see a doctor if it doesn't stop quickly.

seriously... or just die
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Its sooooo not worth "just seeing what will happen"

This happned to me while I was in ireland (wasnt drinking) I collapsed and woke up hours later in a horrible state (not going into detail), I didnt do anything about it till the next day becuase everyone and there mothers told me it was just a stomach "bug"
turns out I had food poisioning.
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Typically one would see a doctor instead of consulting the pit.

Edit: Clearly the TS is a troll. No wonder the last thread was closed. Silly July 08ers.
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I had this problem for awhile, then i just got so pissed i downed a whole thing of malibu in fifteen minutes and spent 3 hours throwing up, needless to say... i am done drinking because i felt like i was going to die.
when you vomit to much it damages your esophagus and can cause life long damage because of the acid go do a doctor NOW