I'm selling these pedals plus pedal cables and power chords and all that all for $120 including shipping.

The Zoom 3000 multi effects pedal has tons of effects including many distortions, flanger, tremelo, chorus, acoustic simulator, phaser, and tons more. Plus it also has a wah pedal AND a built in talkbox effect that allows you to talk into the mic (included) and play guitar at the same time and it'll blend...like a talkbox. It also has a built in guitar tuner so you don't have to unplug.

The behringer flanger pedal has two flanger modes and you can adjust the settings...sounds pretty cool.

The pedals are in really good condition, nothing wrong with them. I want to sell them together to save on shipping. Plus it includes the original box and paper work and stuff. Feel free to ask questions.

$120 shipped
when was it bought? new?
at what price?

I bought the zoom pedal from someone here on UG used and it works 100% fine and it's got some awesome effects, but I already have more pedals than I need so I'm going to try to resell it and the flanger was bought new and works 100% fine also.