i just got this guitar off ebay, it looks great, nothing is wrong with it, everything is in great working order, but the strings buzz just a little bit in between the 3rd fret and the open string. mainly just with the B and little e string, and all the strings are just a little lower than i prefer them . i just need to adjust the bridge a little bit to make this go away right?
the guitar is an epiphone dot studio, with a standard gibson like bridge, looks like all i need to do is turn these little wheels on each end.
should i take the strings the off first or what?
I wouldn't take the strings off if you're going to do it but if you adjust the action you should also correct your intonation too; it'll be slightly out of whack if you raise the action.
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raise the thumbwheels. sometimes it's easier to detune a bit, and to loosen the screws on the top of the bridge posts.

it might not get rid of all the buzz. sometimes buzz at the top of the neck indicates that the neck is a little back bowed.

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