hello everyone!

long story short, im sick of waiting for a great singer to fall into my grasp to sing for my band, so im gonna do it my damn self. the problem - i cant really sing.

i'm not terrible, but as soon as it goes outside of a very small range i cant hit it. so it makes everythin really dull.

i was thinking what i should do is try and just find songs that suit my voice, then write songs that i can sing. but the problem is, im into bands like whitesnake and things like that, where all of the singers have huge towering voices, so i dont really know what type of thing i could sing that i'd like as well.

does anyone know how i could either improve my voice, or does anyone have any tips whereby i could find songs to suit my voice?
Practice. Find someone who knows piano scales, and try matching the pitch of em. Make sure you warm up some, eat right, drink alot of water, and keep your chords warm.
Just like anything you have to practice. The more you sing the better you will get. There is a lot that goes into singing correctly, such as proper breathing techniques and where to sing from. Record yourself singing and try using that to expand. You can also find a singing thread right here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=610558
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yeah, ive been thinking about getting lessons, but i didn't know if they'd work all too well - i once watched x factor (dont hate - the shame burns just for admitting it) and this woman had been having lessons for three years so she could win and she was still crap. so i thought maybe its just a born with thing
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yeah, ive been thinking about getting lessons, but i didn't know if they'd work all too well - i once watched x factor (dont hate - the shame burns just for admitting it) and this woman had been having lessons for three years so she could win and she was still crap. so i thought maybe its just a born with thing

not the case, if you have lessons of any quality at all, your range will increase (which is something you seemed interested in) and you will learn breathing techniques that will give you much more controll over exactly what your voice is doing. They will also just make you much more self-aware as a singer, which again gives you more control over the way you sound.

Worst case scenenario, you waste a month or two's worth of lesson fees, but if you are enthusiastic it won't be a waste.
Definitely sign up for some lessons. I was in the same situation as you are now: I was looking for a singer for my band. In the end I also decided to do it my self. I started taking lessons a couple months ago and I have improved sooo much. My breathing changed, my confidence went up, and I went from a 3 octave range to a 5 and a half octave range. There's a lot of tools out there that can help you, but i guarantee nothing will help as much as one on one lessons with a good singer.
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Keep singing and overtime your voice will improve. Also practice singing and playing at the same time. Very important
also listen to the bands you like and try to mimic the way they pronounce each word when singing, as this has a lot to do with your sound. ie. when singing 'you' the natural thing to do is make is sound like 'yeeww', but youve got to learn to sing 'yoouu'. i know it sounds obvious and really i suppose it is, but it is where a lot of singers fall down.

i was at a show where about 15 bands played the other day, and almost every singer that went up couldn't pronounce their words properly and sounded terrible.. the sound guy just ended up turning them down so you couldn't hear em as well.. haha..

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Does your voice sound good?

not strictly true.. the sound is all about how you use your voice.. lots of singers have become famous simply because the put their voice in the right genre, even though they really aren't that great a singing. for example dave grole from the foo fighters isn't really that good a singer, but he uses his voice in the right way, so it does sound ok.

edit2: final thought i promise..

sing along to your guitar.. find notes that you can hit and play up and down around them, focusing on the ones just outside your range that you can't quite hit properly. if you have a piano, use that it will be even better. just make sure your guitar is in tune though, our you'll be doing more harm than good.
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matching pitches on the piano or guitar helps. I was horrible at singing and i just started doing that (matching pitches) and over time, i noticed i got more control over my voice, and was able to reach higher notes without struggling. But in the end its just practice and you'll eventually get it.
Scott Stapp was pretty succesful with a small range.
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Heck, look at David Lee Roth, his singing is usually more talking and yelps/screams than actual singing, yet he's one of the biggest and most famous singers/frontmen of all time. He's a perfect example of the right stuff in the right place.

But I do have to agree Paddy, there's only so much you can do with your voice, I have a pretty good range (probably because I sing along to everything on the radio everywhere I drive, for hours on end), but my voice just sounds like absolute crap (or so I've been told), so, I'll never cut it as a singer. Like I tell people, I play guitar for a reason!!!

Think of it like guitar, you can have whatever tone you'd like when you play, but people probably aren't gonna want to hear your playing if you have terrible tone, even if you do hit the right notes.

The best advice, look into a good teacher, like learning most anything, that's usually the best place to start. Then, run with it, try singing for people, see what they think, yadda, yadda, yadda.
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Just to add to all the good advice offered so far, quite a lot of being a decent singer is actualy down to confidence.
Most beginners tend to inadvertantly hold back because they lack confidence, which is a hurdle many singers need to get over, basicaly, when you're singing, your attitude should be something along the lines of 'not giving a damn.' Kinda without inhibitions.
You're going to make mistakes, occasionaly you'll try for a note that just won't happen for you, but remember, that's a good thing because you'll be finding out the absolute limits of your abilities and what you can and can't do in a live situation.
As you progress, keep trying stuff that you previously couldn't do, strive to push yourself and you will eventualy reach your goals.

As mentioned already, a professional vocal coach is probably the best thing for you as they will teach you all the techniques you'll need to get the best out of your voice as it is now, and also how to develop your voice and expand your range.